Friday, August 4, 2017


I would like to share with you all that picture we have been at the beach here. It is now summer here in our place with it is nice weather we use to spend time at the beach. My daughter, she likes to play, running around. When you can notice the photo they are some of the Norwegian people also.
When it is summer here it is vacation also for school and also for those who work. I do not work because I taking care of my son. I need to taking care of him until he will be 2 years old so that he can walk already and ready to go kinder garden. I will share more adventures with us.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

It has been a while

It's has been awhile I am not updating here. I going to update as soon as possible. My life has been busy in fast few year ago. I got two kids and they make my day admirable. It will be more adventures together with them. It will be exciting for me to share my photo ideas that can maybe expire to all of you. See you around here.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


For most of all I been at Bohol Philippines together with my family and husband last May 2012. I had taken this Chocolate Hills the one of the tourist pot in Phil. You can see a hundred chocolate hills here in Bohol. They have many place we can see and we can go around if we could. We had fun and enjoyed.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My friend's place

This taken on last summer. Hubby and I visited with them. We lived here in same place and her hubby and my hubby talked to visit them. It was 6 hours to drive from our town until with thier town. We rode on buss therefore taken a lot of time. We enjoyed riding on buss. What was our great experience. We sat back side. When the buss pulled up and we pulled up too. We holding hand so hard in the chair and laughing. We saw there big house and so nice. They are near at the sea and have a wonderful view back of the house. You can see we was swimming together them. They have two beautiful children. They are both girls. What a very nice gift from God. They are different age gap too likewise us. But they are luck to have two angel between they two lovers. I am very wishing so long time I wish we could have one wonderful, normal baby but I just waiting until now.
Anyway, it was very great vacation on philippines 2011.

Monday, August 29, 2011

I got food from Phil. (pasalubong)

This are some foods from where I came from. I got it from one of the filipina they went in Phil. for vacation. When they came back I got some from Bohol Phil. She came from Bohol  Philippines. It was her first time she got vacation in 4 years live in Norway with her husband and son. On her point is she miss so much her son at Phil. They have been 4 years far away together. She left her oldest son when it was 2 years old so sad for her but they met already and together just only one month . But she planned to bring here in Norway her son. She started now to process the paper . Happy for you. It will come the time you and you're son will be together.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mid night sun here in Harstad Norway

Well, Hello everyone. I hope your'e doin alright. It might be long time I did not update here. Anyway, in part of my post I will share a photo of mid night sun here in Norway. I copied this photo from one of my facebook friend. I did not one to taken this one. But I thought it is the perfect one. Thanks for her to share this romantic weather. Have a nice Sunday everyone.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the sun

I taken this picture when  I was at Andenes Norway. My hubby played a band out there. I just at room in hotel and I saw the sun. The sun it's  shining with in 2-3 am. You know  is coming summer season here. So, the sun will shining whole day and night.
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